“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.”

HEY there! I'm Heather, a southern girl with a wanderlusting Soul!

I'm a Kentucky native but I've lived & traveled in lots of beautiful places around the world! In fact, I've just returned to the States after living for 3 years in France where my cute frenchie husband grew up! At 24 years of age, camera in hand, I hopped on a train to California and set off on my own personal adventure! The jagged shorelines and endless fields of wildflowers in California really inspired me, and I was determined to capture it all with my first Canon film camera! I met my husband of 12 years, Arnaud while traveling & photographing in France. After living nearly 15 years in California, we moved to France in 2018 and spent three years together there! (Yes that explains all of the castles in my pictures, ha!) I couldn't do this job without my no.1 fan and the practical/organized brain behind my business, my husband Arnaud! He is also my assistant and second shooter and so we come as a package deal on your wedding day! I bring the enthusiasm, the creativity and the fun, and he is the steady anchor that keeps everything flowing smoothly, (& also has a cool creative eye that spots every detail!) We just recently have made our way back to Kentucky, and we're so excited to be back home close to family (and OH SO HAPPY to be back to the land of good beer & bourbon! Yippeeee!!!)

If you hadn't noticed already, I'm a HUGE outdoors-y junkie and I can't EVER seem to get enough of exploring and adventure. Landscapes, wild places, & adventure call to me, and I will ALWAYS try to incorporate the beauty all around us into your photos as much as possible!

I'm also a huge people lover (Helloooo personality test OBSESSED - ENFP & Enneagram 7 if you know what that means :) and I believe in creating real connections & friendships with all of my couples! I'm a big, sappy hope"full" romantic and I love being a part of bringing my couples' unique love-story to life! I tend to over-excite easily and I've been known to squeak and squeal during a shoot (and cry & pee my pants a little) when things are falling perfectly into place! I will be your personal hype girl because well- basically I can't put a lid on my enthusiasm. But my job is seriously like living inside of a chick flick and I'm ALLLL about it- can't wait to learn about yours! XO

Some of my favorite things:


Here's a little gallery below of our life & some of our travels!

Client Reviews & Kind Words

Client Reviews & Kind Words

“Heather took our engagement and our wedding photos and she and her husband Arnaud were the BEST to work with!! She is so fun and cheerful and she made both me and my husband feel so at ease! She directed us in natural poses so well, so we never felt awkward or unsure what to do. Our whole bridal party and family looked BEAUTIFUL in her shots and had fun doing it! She is so creative with her shots and so skilled at editing - she provides such vibrant colors! Everyone is gushing over our wedding photos!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your work/artistic style?

I am first and foremost a storyteller. As mentioned on my welcome page, it's all about capturing the real chemistry between you, your genuine laughs, + authentic moments with those you love dearly. Storytelling can be accomplished in a variety of photographic styles, and I love the creative freedom of being able to blend both the fun, candid, more photo-journalististic types of shots with the more romantic, fine-art editorial types of shots (think- swoony, magazine-worthy photos!) During the majority of your wedding day- getting ready, ceremony, dinner, reception - I lean towards a more photojournalistic/candid style, striving to capture the genuine story that is unfolding. During the individual portraits as well as the bride & groom couple session, I love to bring out both the fun & the romance of your relationship. I often use what's called prompting to invite real connection, chemistry, and intimacy into your shoot, and to make it an authentic EXPERIENCE for you! Please don't worry about looking awkward & stiff- that is SO not my style! I've developed a process of directing & guiding you in a way that your natural emotions will flow and you'll be able to RELAX, feel COMFORTABLE and HAVE FUN interacting together in front of the camera. Light is the key to beautiful, flattering photos, so I will often be asking you to move into the best light possible, especially while getting ready and during your portraits and couple session. My ultimate goal is to capture the authentic connection between you and TO TELL YOUR LOVESTORY, YOUR UNIQUE WAY, so that when you look back through your photos in the future you will be transported back to this day to laugh again, cry again, and relive each moment just as it truly happened.

How would you describe your editing style?

I certainly enjoy the challenge of creating my own artistic universe & unique editing style! However, I'd say my editing style falls into the category of VIBRANT MOODY, with a twist of WHIMISCAL, BOHO flair! I'm sure you've noticed that I love golden light, shooting into the sun and capturing those GORGEOUS sunflares! I like rich tones and bold, vibrant colors! You'll notice in looking through my portfolio that the majority are taken using only the beautiful natural light that exists on any given day. I prefer to only use flash when absolutely necessary, like during wedding receptions and low-light situations. My editing style is consistant on my website and my social media, and it's also the style in which I will edit and deliver your photos. My editing style stays consistent with what you see here on my website, you should be sure when booking with me that you like my artistic style as presented here.

Do you shoot destination weddings and/or elopements?

Ummmmm, major wanderluster here! I am ALWAYS down to travel to you for weddings and elopements! And the best part for you is that I keep my prices competitive with your local photographers and usually am able to absorb my own travel fees! ESPECIALLY if it's some exotic place I've been dying to visit! I love it so much that I offer discounts to keep my services affordable for my couples while I get to see the world - Its a win/win for both of us! Let me know where you're getting married and if it's a bucket-list place for me you might just be lucky and get a pretty sweet deal!

Do you travel for photo sessions?

Yes I do! I travel 100 miles round-trip from Louisville, KY for free for weddings, 50 miles round trip free for other photo sessions. Anything outside of this area for regular photo sessions will include travel fees and possibly hotel fees if overnight stay is required.

How many photos do you deliver from a full wedding day?

I deliver EVERY PHOTO that turns out good! I don't limit the amount of photos included in your packages because I believe you deserve to have every good shot when you pay for my services! I also spend time hand-retouching skin, eyes, and teeth on your couples photos! In general, you can expect to receive 80-100 photos per hour of coverage!

Will there be a second shooter?

Most of my packages include a second shooter! And for those that don't you have the possibility of adding one on. Why does it matter? With 2 photographers you can be guaranteed not to miss any crucial moments and you'll also have two perspectives and two creative eyes!

How and when will we receive our photos?

Your photos will be delivered via a beautiful, private, downloadable online gallery between 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. The photos are un-watermarked and you can share the link with your family and friends! You can download photos and order professional prints right from within the gallery. I highly recommend this option because your prints will come from a professional printer, which will guarantee a high quality and the most accurate color. You will also have the option of ordering fine art prints through me on mediums such as canvas, aluminum, and plexiglass. However, the digital photos that I deliver to you are YOURS, which means you can also have them printed elsewhere if you choose!

Will we receive all of the RAW unedited images from the day??

RAW, unedited photos are essentially the undeveloped negatives. Just as a film photographer spends hours in the dark room developing the final prints, I spend HOURS selecting and then perfecting & editing each photo that I deliver to you. I also DO NOT LIMIT the amount of photos I deliver to you! I promise that I will deliver to you all of the photos that you would want, including the hilarious bloopers! But please trust me- awkward faces, blinking eyes, repeats or blurred images are not photos you'd want. Rest assured that the hundreds of photos I will deliver to you are THE BEST OF THE BEST! I don't hold hostage any pictures you'll love! For that reason, I do not make the RAW, unedited photos available either for viewing or for purchase.

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