A Louisville Elopement at Jefferson Memorial Forest & St. James Court | Caitlin & Justin

These two adorable lovebirds were originally planning a big traditional late fall wedding. But as time went on and the stress of planning increased, they decided that an elopement with just the two of them in a beautiful, calm outdoor setting was really more their style! However, they still wanted their family to be involved in their day, so the morning started out with Caitlin getting ready at her Mom & Dad's house, surrounded by her loved ones! They helped her get dressed and we took some family pictures together before the two lovebirds met up for their bid adventure! I thought this was such a great idea because it still allowed them to share this special day with family, yet have the intimacy they wanted for their private vow exchange.

When they told me that their plans had changed and asked for my help in choosing a perfect outdoor location not far from Louisville, I knew just the place! Being the avid hiker and outdoor lover that I am, I had hiked in Jefferson Memorial Forest on many occasions. Every time my husband and I go out for a hike (no matter where I am in the world!), I can't help but take mental notes of incredible places to elope or have a photo shoot! This spot where we ended up was literally sooo perfect! They exchanged their personal vows beneath the pine trees, bathed in delicious golden light! Afterwards, we spent the rest of the afternoon taking some incredible newly-wed photos! We started there in the same forest, and then finished off the shoot down at one of the cutest and most historic parts of Louisville - St. James court! Which to our surprise - being that we were already in mid November - was still covered in beautiful fall leaves! I hope you enjoy their beautiful story & photos!