What is a Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session?

Unlike traditional studio portraits, a lifestyle photo shoot is about documenting the story of the first moments of life with your precious new baby. They’re meant to capture life in your home as it is in this moment: full of excitement, joy and so much love. I'll be focused on capturing your emotional connection & the new bond you are forming, your snuggles, the love and tenderness in your eyes. The lovely baby room that you lovingly prepared for his arrival will also be in the spotlight, as well as a few individual candid portraits of your newborn. However, lifestyle sessions do not include traditional newborn photos, such as posing your baby in any baskets or bowls. If you have a special outfit you've bought for the occasion (see below) I'll be happy to photograph your baby this way, but we will also just be swaddling baby in a cozy blanket, onesie, or even a few shots just in his/her diaper. Lifestyle sessions are more candid in nature, although I will sometimes provide a bit of posing guidance for mom & dad in order to capture the prettiest light and settings possible. However, I do try to keep posing at a minimum, placing the primary focus on the new bond between you all. Sessions are recommended to take place within the first 14 days after birth, but can also accommodate slightly older newborns who have missed that particular window of opportunity. It’s recommended to book at least 2-4 months before your due date. We’ll choose a tentative date based on your due date; once baby arrives, you’ll just need to reach out to coordinate the final day and time.