A Wedding At The Historic Conrad-Caldwell House Museum in Old Louisville at St. James Court: Chris & Natalie

If you grew up in Louisville, KY you probably have great memories of wandering dreamily through the neighborhoods of St. James Court in old Louisville. Old and well-preserved victorian style houses line every street and there's that gorgeous, classic fountain right at the center of it all! WELL FOLKS, did you know you can actually GET MARRIED RIGHT HERE?! Ok, to be fair, neither did I until Chris & Natalie contacted me and we absolutely GUSHED over their wedding plans together! (Opps did I drool a little just then thinking about it???) After getting ready in the gorgeous Conrad-Caldwell House Museum that morning (WHAT! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS PLACE IS IN KENTUCKY?!) we moseyed on out to the ceremony set up in the big beautiful lawn in front of the fountain where they said their "I Do's." After taking advantage of both the inside of this gorgeous old victorian home for photo ops and the fountain in St. James Court, we headed down the block to the reception dinner at the 610 Magnolia Restaurant and were greeted by the famous Chef Edward Lee himself! (See if you can spot him in the photos below!) All in all, it was a whirlwind dream of a magical wedding day for these two cuties! CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE & CHRIS!!!