Southern Indiana Maternity Photos in the Winter at Mt. Saint Francis in Floyd's Knobs with Heather Florance Photography | Manuela & Corey & Their little bundle of Joy!

Sometimes my clients worry that outdoor photos in the winter couldn't possibly be as pretty. If you feel that way too, I challenge you to have a peek at this beautiful maternity photo session at Mt. Saint Francis in Floyd's Knobs - Southern Indiana. These were taken this very month my friends - that's right, in February! Honestly, as long as we shoot at golden hour (that's that special time of day about an hour before sunset when the sun drops low on the horizon and bathes everything in golden, honey-dipped light! GAHHH my FAV) we will still capture so much beauty, I promise! I mean... I basically drooled during this whole session. How embarrasing. But just keep scrolling.... and you might actually drool too! Ha! Enjoy my friends! And get in touch for more info about my maternity shoots by clicking here.