Ok, so everything is planned and you are super excited for your upcoming photo shoot! Maybe you’ve dreamed of doing this with your love nugget for a longtime, and you are just FULL of ideas… orrrrrr maybe you’re feeling a bit stressed actually and you would like some guidance from a professional? Of course, it’s totally normal to want to look your absolute best! So what are the mistakes to avoid when coordinating your outfits? Which colors and patterns should you choose? Is there actually a RIGHT way to dress for a photo shoot? YES there is and YES it will make a difference in the outcome of your photos!

In this post I will share with you a few of my secrets and tips for looking your absolute BEST in front of the camera. Ready? Say CHEESE!

Your clothing is a reflection of who you are. Keep in mind as you’re picking out your outfit that you will keep these photos for the rest of your life. You’ll be framing them and hanging them up around your home, printing them out for Mom, and posting them all over your social media, maybe even as your profile pictures. So yeah, put some thought into how you want to preserve the image of what makes you, YOU! There a few rules to follow to make sure everything looks cohesive, and that’s what I’ll be explaining to you now.

First and foremost, BE YOURSELF! You may want to buy some special outfits for the occasion, or maybe you want to wear your favorite faded pair of jeans. Just make sure you choose clothes you can move in, and that make you feel 100% comfortable in your own skin! The more confident you feel in your clothing, the better your photos will turn out!

If you like my photos, you are probably a fan of color! Think, for example, a beautiful flowing burnt orange or deep burgundy dress. The autumn color palette tends to photograph REALLY WELL, as well as the colors in the jewel-toned family. (Check out the color palettes below for examples) Neutrals and earthy tones are also a very nice choice, especially if you add a touch of color in your accessories. Speaking of accessories, hats, scarves, boots, and layers always look fantastic! How about dressing in black or charcoal gray from head to toe? Well I mean... that’s just a little sad, isn’t it? And you’re a happy couple, right?! So let’s get some color in there! But hey, don’t get too crazy! One thing to avoid LIKE THE PLAGUE is florescent colours. They just don’t photograph well or blend in with nature. So avoid them if at all possible! Also, stay away from big logos, it distracts from the main focus - that's YOU!

In order to give some POP to your photos, think of complimenting your colors with some contrast. Trying adding in some light colors like white, beige or light gray, as well as darker colors such as navy blue, brown or charcoal gray. Not head to toe, mind you! But as one part of the outfit, as a contrast. The eyes LOVE to see contrast!

To create harmony, the rule is to try to stick to about 3-4 colors. Mustard Yellow - Navy Blue - Ivory ; Beige - Navy Blue - Burgundy ; Burnt Orange -Teal - Beige. You get the idea! Here’s a hint: Go on pinterest, search “Heather Florance” and just check out my board entitled “photoshoot outfit inspiration” for color blending tips and cute outfit ideas!

Hummm did I not speak of black? Well I’ve gotta admit, it’s not my favorite colour. Wait, isn’t black actually the ABSENCE of colour? ANYWAYS...If one of you just MUST wear black, make sure it’s in the lower half (pants or skirt), and make sure it’s only ONE person MAX.

Here’s a tip that almost always works: Choose one item that you just absolutely love for the lady, such as a beautiful dress, and then coordinate the other pieces and the guy's outfit around that main item. Stick with solid colors if possible! Solid colors ALWAYS photograph nicely. If you must choose a pattern, MAKE SURE it is very subtle. Patterns can be tricky because when they are TOO BUSY they clash with the background and also pull attention away from the beautiful subjects - YOU! You can get away with some plaids, subtle floral prints or small polka dots. However, prints that are TOO busy will only become an unnecessary distraction. Solid colored pieces however ALWAYS look nice so just stick with solid colors if you want to be sure it'll look great! Or a nice rule to follow is that if one wears patterns, the other should stick to solids and vice-versa! You get the idea!

Sooo you guys remember those family photos you took in Florida at the beach, and everyone wore white shirts and khaki pants??? Yeah... that was a 90s trend, so let's leave it to the 90s, huh? Matchy Matchy is OUT, coordinating is IN! Rather than wearing the exact same colors, wear colors that compliment each other. For example, rust orange and teal green. Denim blue or grey and burgundy red. To help you find complimentary colors, grab a color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel are complimentary! (think contrasting but coordinated!)

Maybe you’ve noticed my many (not so) subtle references to long, flowy dresses? I must admit, I am quite partial! They are so feminine and romantic, and they REALLY compliment a woman’s silhouette! And did I mention the way they FLOW. There. Said it again! It just looks AMAZING. So if you have one or you can get one for the shoot, please don’t hesitate. You will not regret it! They photograph beautifully. 

For a more casual look, jeans and a cute, flowy top always look fantastic! Try layering your looks with cute coats/jackets or sweaters in order to vary the shots. And let me just take a moment to talk about hats! If either of you or both of you like hats, MAKE SURE you bring them because they add so much unique style! We won't wear them in every shot mind you, but it's great to have one for a few shots just to vary the look!

Let me also take a few minutes here ladies to explain something you've maybe already thought about. Try to emphasize the parts of your body that you like, and down-play the parts that you DON'T like. You love your eyes? What about a little extra make-up or some nice subtle false lashes for this special occasion? You hate your arms? ME TOO!!! Because I don't generally like how my bare arms look in photos, when I am in front of the camera you will notice that I choose shirts/dresses/jackets that are long sleeved or at least cover to the elbows. This way... I don't later look at the photos and say..."Oh I love that expression, love the chemistry caught between us, love the look in our eyes, etc...but I need to scrap that photo because my arms look hideous!" You get the idea? It's all about that camouflage! That being said, one exception that almost ALWAYS looks flattering on my ladies is an off-the-shoulder dress or top. Bare shoulders just look very feminine and beautiful on almost all of us girls!

Another thing to think about girls : My photoshoots are almost exclusively done in natural outdoor surroundings, and we run, jump, and tickle during my photoshoots. This looks super cute in photos but one thing to remember is that you'll need to have sure footing - spiky high heeled shoes do not work in these scenarios. (just leave those Jimmy Choos at home this time!!!) Try instead to find some adorable flats or some nice wedges with flat bottoms that are easy to move around in.

Now moving on to the guys: If your girl is dressing up and wearing a beautiful dress, why not throw on that handsome devil suit and tie? It’ll look awesome! Or just a nicely ironed solid dress shirt is ALWAYS a much more GQ look than a t-shirt. So what about T-shirts??? Let’s just say NO. Like we did to drugs. Also, please avoid shorts! Dress pants, khakis or jeans just look more attractive. And above all else my dudes...NO LOGOS ON YOUR CLOTHING & NO TENNIS SHOES PLEASE!

Once again, if you’d like some additional ideas and tips, please click the link below to check out my pinterest board that I've put together for coordinating photo shoot outfits:


Some of my packages also have access to my client closet which consists mostly of women's dresses that my clients can borrow for their shoot! So don't hesitate to schedule some time before your shoot to come by my place and try on a few!

Also, once you've chosen a few options & ideas, lay them together flat on the bed (with your husband's outfits) and take a picture, then text it to me and I will be happy to guide you!

Ok you love birds, just follow these tips and I’m sure that you’re going to look gorgeous! Ready? Let’s DO THIS!